Space Efficient Furniture for Condos

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Space Efficient Furniture for Condos

Transforming a tight-fitting living space into a home is a tricky endeavour. For those who live in the city, creating a modern and functional living quarter is of utmost importance and requires careful consideration and planning in order to maximize the finished product by getting the most out of a difficult space. Keep reading to learn about space efficient furniture and why combination furniture like Murphy beds are ideal for small homes.

Perfect for Condo Owners

Maximizing a living area without breaking the bank is extremely important for families that are new to the city and are adjusting to life within a condo or apartment. Here are a few things to keep in mind when transitioning from a house to a smaller city space:
  1. Plan ahead and create lists to simplify the process. One of the first things one should do is decide which furniture items are an absolutely non-negotiable "keep". From here, eliminate those objects that are bulky and that you are willing to part ways with in order to avoid clutter and confusion once you have moved into the new small space.
  2. Don't plan to keep a huge list of items that are not sentimental. In order to live successfully in a condo, try to only bring with you sentimental non-furniture items, so that space is reserved for new items to add to your collection of meaningful decor.
  3. Look at floor plans ahead of time. A great way to gauge a new space is to view the floor plan with measurements and to think about the condo in terms of height and width. Look for furniture that will fit nicely within the space and that will not look bulky or out of place. A great option is a Spaceformer Murphy bed, as its dual functionality purpose is extremely beneficial.

How to Save Space

Once you have chosen the perfect layout and style of your new condo, the fun begins. Here are a few easy ways to save space with tricky furniture:
  • Couches that are multi-purpose. Always be sure to invest in a piece that can be used in a number of different ways. There are many great styles and options available – the style limit that was once assumed for pull-out and Murphy beds does not exist. Many classy and trend-conscious designs are widely available.
  • Avoid clutter with smart storage and workspace initiatives. Never leave items loose and without purpose. Always have an area where small pieces like paper and pens can be stored and easily found.
  • Use mirrors to make spaces look larger and more chic.
  • Don't bother limiting certain rooms to certain functions. For example, a bedroom can be both a sleeping area as well as a den if done correctly.
  • Think built-in, rather than free floating. A Spaceformer desk for instance, is both a workspace as well as a bed. This technology makes it an easy choice for those looking to save money and enhance surface area proportion.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don't wait another minute! Start searching online for the best space efficient furniture on the market today. Your home can be transformed into an oasis of comfort and accessibility sooner rather than later.


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